I am about to have this postcard printed.

Looking for some constructive critism.

Please tell me what you think!

I really like the picture on the front. Instantly grabs emotion. On the back I think the wording is good. Are they calling for “free info”? Is there a little more you could possibly put on the back? I know that you have about 3 seconds to make your impression when they pick up the post card. I send out mass mailings monthly (8-11,000) and use similar postcards from a local printing service. I have a little bit more wording on the back to give people a better chance to find themselves on that card, ya know what I mean? I commend you on the creativity and wish you great luck!


Thanks Jared,

Hopefully it will do well. I was trying to keep it short and sweet. I don’t want to much info.

But of course before I had these printed I was hoping to get feedback.

What did yours say?

I’m getting 1000 for $125.
Postage incl for another $75.

Then all I need are labels.

Hey Clay…

I have two different postcards. One has a picture of a house on the front that says “I will buy your unwanted home… RIGHT NOW”, then has info on the back. The second one has a picture of a mom behind her son who is spraying the hose on some flowers, the picture is on the left and on the right it says “Do you own an unwanted house you need to sell quickly? WE CAN HELP!”. I have just found that they are alot more personal than I BUY HOUSES. Kind of trigger that emotion like you are doing with yours. Let me know how they work out!


1st whats the goal your trying to make.

My goals are short sales…

I want to reach out to the home owner in distress for them to sell me their house. I want to be their friend.

I want to help them.

Everyone else is full of empty promises and I’m there to help them in their time of need.

BTW, What if I were to offer you a significant amount for you home.


I saw your card. I really like the picture it said soo much (just the picture alone).

Did the place where you purchased the card have the image or was it downloaded from somewhere?


I don’t remember where the image came from…

Somewhere on the net.

“Somewhere on the net.”

Careful, that can come back to haunt you if your not careful. Most likely not, but you never know. Maybe thats a copywrited image put together by a large company? What if a marketing exec from that company gets your post card, sure thats a real slim chance, but you just never know…better safe then sorry imo.

Funny story…

I have a marketing and printing guy that designed my post cards for me. He looked online (see above post) to try to find a nice picture of a house. Well, after some time and not being able to find exactly what he wanted, he stood in his driveway and took a very nice picture of his own house!! I had a good laugh when he told me that 8,000 people were going to get a post card with a picture of his house on it!!

Good luck to all!!


There are web sites that host royalty free photography that you can use in your marketing. It is best to get photography that is stated to be royalty free rather than risk possible copyright infringement.

You can do a google search for “royalty free stock photography” or something similar to find the web sites. A source that I frequently use is You must register on the site in order to download the high-resolution images, and registration is free.

I am in no way affiliated with the web site, just a satisfied user.

Hey clay,

Can you tell me where you are getting thos post cards? 1000 for 125 is a pretty good price.

looks like what everyone else is doing
you have to set your self further away from the crowd to get a decent reponse.


What would you suggest?