Short Sale on Million dollar homes!

I have been doing alot of networking with investor, loan officer and brokers. One of my investors that I closed deals with, is now wholesaling too. We meet a mortgage broker who claims to have high-end investors looking to buy million dollars homes for pennis on the dollar. We’re sitting down with him next friday to see if he’s legit, pro sports player and entertainers he says he’s networking with along with just high-end investors. Have anyone here in the community done any of these type of deals and how did it workout?

A million dollar home in California is a mid century 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath ranch. And those seem to be going for pennies on the dollar in Fresno and other 120 degree in the summer hellholes.

I couldn’t be more confused by your post. Can you clarify? Are you asking if anyone has done million dollar deal wholesales? Yes, I have. But, really… anyone who has wholesaled before can help you – the principles are the same.

Yes I was asking has anyone done a deal like this.