Short sale offer letter

Can someone post of email me an example of a Short sale cover letter?

To whom it may concern,

In today’s economy of rising foreclosure rates and the inability for borrowers to work out a payment modification, most mortgage lenders are increasingly willing to work with borrowers faced with a financial hardship to accept a discounted payoff on a mortgage. the borrower XXXXX is faced with a hardship that makes it likely that they will be unable to meet your obligation on their mortgage. Because of this, I am making an offer for short sale approval on the property located at xxxxxxxxx owned by xxxxxx.

Attached are the following documents:
Authorization to release loan information (1 page)
Contract (11 pages)
Financial Worksheet (1 page)
Hardship Letter (1 page)
HUD 1 Closing Statement (1 page)
Residential Price Opinion
Last two years of tax returns/W2’s
Last two months bank statements
Last two pay stubs
Your most recent mortgage information on the first and second
Property tax bill
As you review the documents supplied and have questions regarding them, please call me at 661-555-1212

Upon your review, if you find you need clarification about the contract price, please call so we can discuss it further.

It is my intention to see this short sale through completion and I want you to know that I am a professional in the real estate industry and I have the ability both financially and professionally to proceed forward toward a completed transaction.

Thank you in advance for your professionalism and hard work in this matter.


Michael Quarles

Thank You Mike

Great Letter!

I also include a repair estimate, the ugliest pictures you can take and show how you got to your offer. I will put my number in BIG BOLD letters as the only CONTACT (if you want to be in control of the SS and BPO) - Good luck!


The sample letter is just what I needed…many thanks

@ Silvio…what does the SS & BPO stand for?

Brokers Price Opinion and Short Sale

Thank you so much…I am a beginner so I have to learn the REI lingo :biggrin


im in the process of putting together my SS package together, but i was wondering, if the lender and I haven’t started negotiating on the purchase price, what is the purpose of the HUD 1? would I leave the Purchase price blank? wouldnt they hold the number you put against you during negotiations? would i ask the lender for a Residential Price Opinion? ANSWERS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!! :help

and where would we include that we dont want any further recourse taken against the seller for any deficiencies? :help

instead of including the HUD 1, can we opt to include A Lenders Net Analysis, or is the HUD 1 necessary? :banghead :help

I have a purchase price I am willing to buy at property for… That price goes on the HUD1 or sellers NET Sheet… I don’t negotiate on behalf of the borrower for deficiencies. As for the lenders net analysis, the SS lender needs to know what their net to them is going to be and know that the borrower is not receiving funds. Title companies give me the net sheet or HUD1 for free… After all they know exactly what their costs are i.e. escrow, title, recording, notary, etc. Where the lender is guessing…

I hoped this helped…

Michael Quarles

@ Mic Q,

I am working on a SS right now and need to include MLS comps & REO spreadsheets. would you happen to know where to get & look for the info?