Short Sale Negotiator

I’ve searched the posts and haven’t come up with a negotiating company. I realize that to learn, I will do it myself, however i just want to explore any recommended companies and there terms.
Chris she charges 500 upfront and 1% or 750 which ever is more at approval

I recommend you do 1 or 2, then outsource it if deemed necessary. The experience is priceless, especially if you plan on being in business.

I agree with Moziah that is great advice. If you process them yourself you can communicate with buyers and sellers in a more affective way.

If you have not done any short sales as of yet I would attempt to do them yourself with guidance! Short sales are many times performed for a homeowner that can no longer afford the property and wants to avoid a foreclosure. (Definately not something to want to make a mistake on)

If you are looking for someone to process your files for you, work with someone who will not charge you up front and only gets paid if the short sale closes. That way they are in the trenches with you and fight to get you an approval.

Hope this helps!

PM me if you have any questions.

BoA negotiations are tricky… make sure you’ve got someone that can assist you with the initial correspondence.

good luck!

whoever you decide to go with make sure you have direct contact with the negotiator and that they fully understand what you are doing. I flip short sales so timing everything right is extremely important for me. For example, if I don’t have a buyer lined up to buy the property I stall with the bank so that they will not issue an approval letter to me until I am ready.