Short Sale Negotiator Trying to Get Paid By Helping People

How can I get paid to negotiate short sales for people? I am not a real estate agent and this dry close double close does not work. I was thinking about putting a lien on the seller’s house for my commission. Would that work?

I believe you can do an invoice to be paid on the HUD if you do a true double closing without a license as a flat negotiation advisory fee as long as the property is not listed. You will need to bring wet funds to closing to accomplish this. I have done a couple deals where I live and wet funds are required by law (and most lenders right now.) The company I use wouldn’t have a problem with an invoice being paid off but are you negotiating for the seller or the investor? The short sale agreement is not going to allow anything to paid off on behalf of the homeowner over and above the short sale price. Give me some more details and I can help. I work with a mentor who has done dozens of double close deals and now I am in too with my own deals cooking…

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HI here is where i stand, maybe someone can help me as well…(I will check short sales thanks)
A friend and I had found a place that was selling for $100k and valued at $300k. We wanted to sell it for about $150k, sounds good and fair and we would settle for less.
The bank was going to auction it off the next day at 11a and we got this info at 4p the day before the auction.
How do we obtain the right to sell it? We found buyers in that time, but how do we act as the sellers? The “condo” in Anaheim, Cali. jurisdiction) was lender approved and if we got a purchase agreement signed then it would have waived the auction.
It’s a shame how well we find houses and how I have been to the robert allen course many times, yet I am still not understanding what could be the most easiest initial steps. with me it could be the most easiest things. If anyone at all on planet earth lol could help me then I’d be honored. I would also like to help others in finding and buying too if I can get something going.
Truth is also, many people don’t know that I’ve been homeless since 1996 and if I did get over that then it would mean a lot to me. If someone could give me some of their time until I get it then I would be greatfull and show a lot of gratitude and thanks.
Thank you.