Short Sale Negotiation Company / Service

Is there any Short sale negotiation company’s or service out there ?

i have heard of and

do yall have any reviews of those company’s ?

any suggestions?

Yes, there are many companies out there that will work with you on negotiations. The only problem is that most of these companies will require up front money and if the deal falls through, then you will be out the $300-1000 up front costs.

I have found that the best way to go about negotiating with the banks are to do it yourself or work with other investors who will not charge you up front fees but will just get their fee from the bank at closing. Another name for this is joint venture. You get the deal and then joint venture with someone to negotiate for you and that negotiator will just add his/her fee to the HUD-1 to be paid by the bank.

This is best way because it frees you up to find more deals and you are not out of any up front costs.

I have one that I am very satisfied with. They do not charge upfront fees to investors and their fee is usually only 1% contingent upon a successful close.

It really depends on what your strengths are. If you don’t have the time to negotiate or you are not good at it then outsource. If you are or you can hire someone who can keep it in house. No one is going to care about those deals like you. I have also seen some of “the best” loss mit companies shut down. You don’t want to be stuck holding the bag if that happens.

Try Your Short sale solutions… ask for Paul… they are very good

check your link it isn’t working.


There are many companies that will negotiate for you. Most of them are going to a small fee up front in order to weed out people who just send anything. By having a small fee up front you will tend to focus more on the deals that have a good chance of being approved.

We hired a person in house to negotiate for us. She gets a % of the back end. We gave her access to all the training we have and she spent a few weeks listening in as we did our own negotiations.

However, if I was going to hire it out I would call my friend, Cory Boatright. He is an honorable person and has a great team. You can check them out at:

Whichever way you go the important thing is taking the action to move forward.


what company would that be? we would all like to know.

I have asked the negotiators at the the bank who they would prefer to work with and so far they have all said the individual agents or investors. The SS negotiation companies don’t know about each deal and what the market is bearing because they are working on deals in areas not familiar to them. The bank wants someone who knows the area. Makes sense to me but I don’t have time to negotiate all the short sale listings I continue to get.

I, too, am looking for an outsourcing service for short sale negotiations. Some of you said you had people you were happy with but one link was no longer functional and the other didn’t mention who it was that you were happy with. I’d appreciate if someone would be so kind as to post or pm me with the name of someone/some company you are happy with. Thanks so much!


You do realize that the probable reason for the bad web links is that this post is over a year old.