short sale - need inspection - no electricity

i have a short sale which needs an inspection done for the end buyers. there is no electricty and the seller owes over $1k. the bank won’t shell out the money because they even fought me for $500 realty transfer tax.

any ideas how i can go about getting this turned on temporarily so the inspection can be done?

thanks in advance,

You should be able to talk with a utility company manager and get a 24 hour turn on for an inspection. You may have to supply proof to the utility company of a escrow and sale by supplying a preliminary title report and a preliminary hud 1 and name of the escrow agency and closing agent.

The utility bill belongs to the previous owner or tenant so it is just a matter of conveying that a sale is taking place.

You will have to go to a manager as customer service at a basic level can not help you override the existing bill.