Short-sale my home, and help me get out of a bad situation.


I need serious help. I won’t go into all the details here, but I am an out of state owner that bought an investment home in San Antonio, TX in July. I hire a property management firm to take care of it for me, and they find the 1st floor was completely flooded. I was depending on a renter to make the monthly payments, but now it is unrental until it is fixed, and I don’t have the money for the repair bill.

Please do not flame. If you are an investor that does short-sales, and repairs, and think you can help me, please leave your contact information or send me a private message. Any positive ideas are welcomed as well. I just want to get the home off my hands.


Well if you want to find an investor in that area, do a search for the Texas REIA or one more specific to San Antonio. Talk to them, they may know some investors that may take it off your hands. You also may be able to get a list of wholesalers from them.

San Antonio is or at least was a hot market so hopefully you’ll move it.

You just bought it in July as in last month? If thats the case, then you cant be too behind in payments. Maybe someone will take it Subject 2.

Oh you can probably post it on this site as well. On the left under investor resources, look at the the last 2 links. That may help you. I would also find other REI forums and find the appropiate place to post your property for sell.

Good luck