Short Sale Lock

I was working on a short sale for about 3 months and all of a sudden my seller wanted out on the deal. I was wondering if there were any documents/clauses i could’ve gotten my client to sign and recorded that would’ve prevented her from backing out of a deal.

Sure. You can put them under contract. Will that do any good? No. Your only recourse is to sue them. If you are not prepared to do that… and prepared to get nothing out of them… then don’t bother with the contract!

Get the deed. If you can’t get the deed, walk.

My clients did sign a warranty deed. I just didn’t record it because i was told that i shouldn’t record it until the short sale was successful. So is there a way for me to lock them in until i find out if the short sale is successful?

Record the deed. You can try explaining things to them, but it most likely won’t work. People in foreclosure get a little crazy.