Short sale in foreclosure

Anyone have experience with a SS in foreclosure with Aurora Loan Services?

2 buyers, 12 months behind, one buyer files BK the other does not. BK buyer has a release form BK court.

Do we offer the same price and disregard the BK? DO we offer lower price?

Anyone ever deal with Aurora in a successful SS?

Dealing with Aurora on 2 short sales right now and they have been no different really than any other bank I have done short sales with.

Only thing they made me do was have the seller specifically fill out their own Financial Statement. Other than that, all seems normal.

Question to you… Why would the seller filing bankruptcy have anything at all to do with what you would offer to the bank?

thanks for the reply and I asked about lower price because, and please do not judge me here, the attorney representing the BK client stated that his client’s portion of the debt was cleared in BK and that we should only offer the remaining owner’s share of the mortgage…