Short Sale In CA

I just received my real estate license in Ca., and I’ve come across a few short sales. I’m interested in other tactics I can possibly use as a beginner with short sales other than just listing them. I hear all this great info about wholesaling, getting a buyers list etc. What are other ways I can utilize a client that wants to short sale a home (if any)???

I have a client in Apple Valley, California that owes $172k on her home and it’s worth about $80k. She lost her job and the interest rate is going to adjust in August and I basically told her to just cut ties with the property and try to sell it versus just walking away. I was also able to obtain the listing. Any other ideas with this type of deal??? The home is also in pretty good condition. I get like 3-4 deals a month like this. Thanks guys. All you high rollers in here are making me think that I can do a little more with deals like this than just listing them. LOL! I could be wrong though.

I’m really interested in learning a lot of what you all discuss here. I want financial freedom one day.