Short Sale HUD-1 form

I’m located in Seattle Washington and I’m in negotiations with 2 lenders for a short sale. Both lenders are asking for a preliminary HUD-1 statement. I’m having a very difficult time getting one. All the title and escrow companies I’ve called said they don’t provide them unless your in escrow.

This is my first short sale and I’m not real comfortable filling it out myself. Unless there’s detailed instructions somewhere on how to fill it out.

Does anyone have someone that I can call that could provide me with a preliminary HUD-1 statement?

Thank you so, so, so much.

All you need to send them is a net sheet in place of the hud-1. Many people get caught up on the hud when the only thing the bank wants to know is what’s in it for them. When you are negotiating short sales with lenders it is important to influence the entire process. The lender is only concerned about solving their problem which is the fact that there is a loan outstanding and they have to collect a debt. Your job is to acquire the property through a short sale, that’s not the lender’s job but you are there to make them see why the short sale is the best option for them to avoid having to foreclosure, etc. Once you set the tone to where you are calling some of the shots and you have a working partnership with your contact in loss mit. Not just any contact but the person that is working on the file you will be in better position to close as many deals as you want.

I love your idea about “influence the entire process”. Could you be more specific?

I’ve just finished filling out the two HUD-1’s myself. I got my numbers off the good faith estimate my mortgage broker gave me.

Am I going about this in the wrong way?

How do I want the HUD-1 to read, for my best interest?

Thanks for your help.

Your putting way too much thought into this. Just consider all closing expenses, I.E. title fees, commissions, unpaid taxes, etc., input your offer as a payoff to the 1st lien holder, and 2nd lien holder if applicable. The hud-1 should zero out.


here’s the hud-1, make sure you write “Estimate” on it, after filling it out. If you don’t know how to fill it out, have your title company or your realtor give you a preliminary hud-1.