This owner called me himself after receiving my info,but after the disscussions he did not accept my offer for a short sale.He says the bank is not bugging him,they sent a letter 1 year ago and he has not paid since…What should I do to motivate the seller?Thx.

Wow! What state is this in that they don’t start the foreclosure process for over a year? Some people you just can’t motivate in life. They love the house too much and want to do anything to save it (including sticking their heads in the sand!)

There is a famous saying is sales. It is “Some will, some won’t, so what, NEXT” I would say that this is a definite NEXT. There are so many fish in the sea right now there is no need to try to build a fire under an unmotivated seller. Find one that is really motivated to do something and work with them.

If the homeowner doesn’t want to do the short sale, then find one who does. It’s very important that you have the homeowner working with you and not against you.

I can’t really blame them either. If I were in foreclosure and haven’t made a payment in over a year, then why would I want to ‘rock the boat’? I would keep my head low and hope they lost my paperwork.

The only time I have seen a situation like this is when the mortgage note was sold, generally multiple times in a short time frame. Eventually, whatever bank ends up with the note will complete the process. But until then, why not live for free?

When doing short sales you are not negotiating with the homeowner, you are talking numbers with the banks. All you have to do is get the homeowner to agree to do the short sale and tell them to take the back seat.

New Jersey (like New York) are judicial states with a fairly long foreclosure process, if the owner contests…

I wrote an e-book on why a short sale over a foreclosure is beneficial to the seller…

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