short sale funding

I’m a newbie starting off doing short sales. can someone tell me what all my options are for funding a short sale. I cant find a title co to do a double close so i need my own funding. i have a decent credit score of 690.


Hard money lender.

i use large credit lines for all my funding. i could point you in the right direction if it’s something you would be interested in.

hey Stevie-o.

new here my self. where are you from?

i have some marketing that is killing it right now but i haven’t pulled the trigger because in CA your average sfr property is still low to mid $300k+

Joe in mo(desto, ca)

i’m in the chicagoland area.

got love for the Chi!

i was a young and naive loan officer in a certain “Mortgage Marketing Genius” group based in Chicago.

good to know.

have a good 1,

joe in mo(desto, ca)

that’s interesting joe.

I also have gotten my start out of the mortgage business. I still am in the biz part time as well.

Mortgage Marketing Genius? Lovely Gotta love our CHI-Town.

I am still working the Chicago market quite effectively. Stevie-O, you still cranking that line? Would love to chat sometime about it.

GO CUBS!!! 20 games over .500 is amazing.

you can use interim financing for as little as 2 points to fund the first leg of the double close on your deals.