Short Sale/Foreclosure Free Seminars

How can I obtain information for short/sales or Foreclosure Seminars for free?

There are several foreclosure / short sale experts here who have tons of free information pertaining to each available on their websites. These same people will answer any questions you have in these forums. In fact, I’m pretty confident you can find all the same info and then some right here in the REI Club forums that is taught in those seminars.

Good Luck!

Keep in mind that you can get great free information on the forums and from some experts, but if you are serious about short sales, expect to invest in some training. It’s a pretty advanced strategy and not something you want to figure out as you go. Also, each state has different foreclosure laws so make sure whatever course or seminar you invest in addresses the process in your state.

ditto ya’all. harriet(fl) :beer