Short Sale Flipping in the State of Maryland

Is there anyone that can tell me how to flip a short sale in Maryland with Maryland having all of the new foreclosure laws. I’ve been told to have a hard money lender purchase first then sell to an end buyer. I’ve seen only one title company do a double closing where the second sale funds the first sale and I’ve been told by others thats wrong and illegal. I’ve read to use a land trust and that sounds like that is good to use. But can you do that in Maryland with short sales?

With Maryland you HAVE to be careful with Short Sales and Foreclosures. To play it safe and also be legal you have to use a forclosure consultant. This way you can’t be looked at as a crook or fraud trying to “steal” somone’s house.

new to SS also, live in Maryland. Where might one find a foreclosure consultant. Do they require a fee? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.