Short sale feud !!

Hey all,
This is about a house I am acquiring via short sale. You can see the details of the transaction in the short sale room. Things have gotten out of control and wanted some opinions. I’ll try to make this brief.

  1. I start a relationship with an agent in the same manner I do all of my agents. You send me leads and in turn you get the LISTING - No buyers agent agreement.
  2. I received a lead from “Sara”. It’s a good one.
  3. I set up a meeting w/sellers agent and make an offer. The offer was accepted.
  4. That night “Sara” calls me to see if I had a chance to see the house. I said yes and that I made an offer…(Silence). I knew right away what the problem was. “Sara” didn’t hear or chose to ignore our verbal agreement and was expecting to be my BA.
  5. Sellers agent calls me and says he just talked to “Sara” and was very upset about it. “Sara” wants in on the deal and the SA is concerned about the hold up this can cause. He want me to smooth thing over. Which I try, to no avail.
  6. The SA wants me to pay her a referral fee out of my pocket. Is that even legal? I think worst case, it should be a 50/50 split. After all, we are both profiting from this deal. But the again, I feel I should not have to pay a cent. I’m not the one who crossed the line…Sara is. I’m thinking about seeking a lawyers advice on the matter. What are my rights here? I think sometimes it is easier to swallow your pride than to fight a values war. I don’t know. I know you should try to stay on peoples good side in this business but, sometimes you need to piss some people off. Should I stop being the bullied one?

Personally, if I told “Sara” what you say you told her and she came with her hand out, I would ask her to produce the written contract showing that she is my agent.

That said, I also believe that unequivocally, 100% that my word is my bond and if I tell you that I’ll do something, then by God, I’ll do it…it’s a small world in Real Estate and the word gets around fast.


Throw the poor girl a bone. My first question is, is Sara hot?

If she’s a fat slob, tell her “sorry”

If she’s hot, chuck her a couple hundy and tell her you’ll keep in touch.

:smiley: If she was hot we wouldn’t be having this conversation :smiley: (My wife thought that was funny) We got it all worked out…50/50 split and, I sent “Sara” a love letter and made up. It all worked out. Thanks.

PS Hey cecsix, what’s up with that weird footer on your posts? Are you OK? Brad Pitt? I don’t get it. ???