short sale even after the investor is the owner?

hey guys,

i was at my REI meeting last week and one of the members who sells his course mentioned he gets short sales even after he’s the homeowner. he also mentioned that he’s obtained short sales at the closing table.

this is the first i’m hearing of this…does anybody have any info on this?



He may mean that when he does a short sale he has the owner deed the property to him so he is technically the owner and is assurred the seller won’t try and work out a deal with someone else.

Yeah, he means that he has received the deed before he started the SS process.
As far as getting SS at closing he must be dealing with local banks or has started
the process but needed a bit more of a discount at closing to make deal work.

I have received discounts at the table for a few grand lower than what the lender
had agreed to - on several occassions (closing costs higher than anticipated, etc).
But I had already gone through the SS process with the lenders previously.

I have Never heard of anyone getting a SS done at the table without any previous
negociations with the lender. They have to do their due dilligence as well.

Sounds like he is trying awful hard to peddle his wares.