Short Sale Entity

For those of you with your own short sale businesses, what entity (LLC, S Corp, etc.) do you operate under? I want to get started doing short sales and I want to present myself as a legitimate business to clients, rather than just some schmo who wants to buy their house. Thanks for any feedback.

the entity type doesn’t matter, unless you are wanting tax advantages. Then it comes down, to what you plan on doing as far as investing is concerned.

charlotteplayer is right, depends on what you want to do

  1. do you want to wholesale properties, make quick cash?
  2. Do you want them for rental properties

It doesnt matter what you choose until you get your first deal, then you can start setting up whatever you needs

I’m using an LLC. Whatever you do, don’t buy anything in your name. If it’s in your name, you will incur liability, plain & simple.