Short Sale Double Close

Does anyone know how to double close a short sale in CA. I have spoken to many escrow officers and have found several that will handle a double close but not for a short sale. Is it possible to double close a short sale in CA? Legally.

this seems to be a major issue in CA.
My mentors are moving there in the summer and they are opening their own escrow / title company which will allow them to do double closings. they are working with 5 underwriters and attorneys right now to get it launched.

they have noticed large amounts of students and investors are having to get hard money to close their deals and they are working hard to stop that way of working.

The title / escrow company will be able to close in all 50 states including Hawaii.

I’lll keep you informed, meanwhile If you are interested email me and i will forward it to them.


I’ve never had an issue and I am in CA. I have assigned and double closed short sales.


I tried to send you a message but for some reason it doesn’t seem to go through. I wanted to know if you could contact me directly to discuss this topic further. I have been looking for a way to do this for quit some time and I would appreciate your help.


I’ll call you tomorrow. I’ll try to send you a message now. I have an escrow company that should do it for you.

Another way to do double closings on short sales in California is by using a landtrust.

I keep forgetting about that. Sorry…

How would you go about using a landtrust to complete a short sale?

how would you use a landtrust to complete a double close on a short sale? Sorry for the confusion on the first post.

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How would you use a landtrust to complete a double close on a short sale?

You name the trust after the homeowners. So Bill and Blair Bingham own a home, transfer title via grant deed to Bill and Blair Bingham Trust. I’m not even positive you need to have the word ‘trust’ in the title, perhaps a lawyer will jump in and advise. Bill and Blair Bingham are the beneficiaries, but YOU are the administrator.

Parties in a non-Trust double close…
The money flows through escrow from the buyer to you… the first close

The money flows through escrow from you to the bank… the second close

You get the difference. At this point the homeowners are already out of the picture since they transferred title to you.

Parties in Trust close

Money flows from the buyer to the bank… the only close. Trust gets the difference.

So if you are doing a double close using a land trust, who is the buyer that is going to be in the short sale negotiation? I understand that there is only one close from the end buyer to the bank, however, there has to be a “middleman” to negotiate the short sale and pass it on to the end buyer, right?

This is where I get confused. I don’t understand how to negotiate a short sale price with the bank and then resell the property for more if there is only one close from the end buyer to the bank. When do you get paid? The bank is not going to allow any excess mony go to the seller in default.