short sale coordinator

Does anyone (real estate agents or investors) have a need for a short sale coordinator? A liason between you and the bank? My specialties are (negotiating 2nd’s, continuous contact w/the bank, VA loans, FHA loans, Conv). Over 7 years real estate license & experience.
Let me know,

Not sure an agent will need this. Most don’t even do short sales, so it’s not a big target market. A lot of agents have their own assistants if they’re successful, so they’d enlist that person’s help before outsources.

What state are you in?


Not sure it matters which state since I network with agents all over the country. The bottom line is that most agents cannot afford assistants. If they can afford one, they will want one who can do as much as possible in as many areas as possible instead of having one specialize in an area that is such a small percentage of their business.

More successful agents can often afford assistants, but the problem is that less than 5-10% actively seek the preforeclosure market. Most pre-foreclosure homes are in the lower price ranges of any given area and it’s too much work even if agents have a coordinator.

Successful agents usually work with luxury homes. If they work with investors, it’s on 1031 exchanges or commercial properties. These homes have a much bigger payoff for the effort. Every now and then, you have a luxury home owner in trouble. In those cases, they’ll just probably try to sell at market or avoid the deal.

Yes, I do have that need. Please contact me.



what type of services are you offering?