Short sale confusion with multiple liens

I want to start in short sales (as of today) and I want to start as quickly as I can! That means learning very fast and getting the knowledge / forms I need to handle it.

I’m in TX and get the foreclosure list 21 days before auction (not much time!) and see short sales as a great way to handle foreclosures since many of the sellers have little equity. Am I correct in saying that since there isn’t alot of time before foreclosure, I can get my SS package to the bank and they will then (at their decision) extend the auction date in an attempt to close with me?

So, how does SS work when dealing with multiple liens on a property? Where can I find out more about this topic? For instance, how can I figure out which loan to SS on a house if a homeowner has 2 loans? What if loan #2 is going to auction and loan #1 isn’t? What happens? I need general loan info in regards to SS.

I was thinking of getting Foreclosure Negotiator’s SS info since it’s cheap, seems like it would be complete, and come with forms…