Short Sale...comps to the bank?

What is the purpose of sending comps to the bank when trying to short sale? Wouldn’t that work against you? Do the banks require it?

You send comps that justify your ideal price. Also you can send comps and -/+ differences in your house vs the other. find damage or bad appearences in a home and take pictures. Mold is a big one they absolutely hate now with lawsuit issues. Holes in drywall, broken or damage of anything etc.

Even if the house is perfect i’m sure i couild find some ugly things with a little effort. Also market value is highly subjective so you can easily find the lows or highs depending on need.

You need to support your offer by submitting LOW comps in the neighborhood.

It’s not all about low comps… banks aren’t silly people.

repairs ( contest BPO’s because they arent licensed contractors)
Days on market. (supported by a REO net sheet)

Don’t just rely on comps or you’ll fail.

Also, banks aren’t looking for cosmetic things like needing carpet, paint, etc. Show them real repairs like roof damage, water damage, foundations, etc. And make sure your comps are current ones.