short sale closing

I recently got a accepted short sale from homeq. On the acceptance fax it says that the buyer is Say John Do. When i go to closing would the bank care if i pick up the house as John Do & Jane Simpson?

I ask because Jane simpson is the actual buyer. Its just i started the short sale as john do and now they won’t change the name for me. I plan on doing the pick upwith both names and getting John Do to quit claim his name off the deed. Please let me know if its do able…

THank you in advance

I’ve had similar situations when my buyer changes. It can be a real pain in the ass. I used to use a general name on all of my original offers, but when I changed buyers the banks required me to start over. Now all I needed to do is change the buyers name on everything but then I had to resubmit and wait for ANOTHER approval. They will generally give it to you, but I have had some banks decline the offer saying they believe something fishy is going on because I did change the buyer.

We all know that changing buyers is common, especially when your dealing with short sales and investment properties. But these banks can be fickle sometimes.