Short Sale Calculator Evaluation

I’ve been doing Short Sales for the past 4.5 years and have created a number of tools and methods during that time. I have shown a few other Short Sale investors a calculator I use to help me quickly determine my max offer amount, projected profits, P&L, Hud-1 and settlement statement. I think it’s pretty cool.

I’ve tried to clean it up a bit so I can make it available to other short sale investors. Would anyone be interested in trying it out and giving me some feedback? I’ve used it so long for my own purposes, I’d like to see what someone else thinks. If you’d like to give it a look, feel free to download it from my website under the Short Sale Tools section.

I only need feedback from a few investors.

Thanks a bunch.

Short Sale Mike…I was under the impression you hade a calculator you wanted me to TRY…not BUY!

There is a big difference. The next time you want to market your material, just say so and save me the time! :banghead

I also thought I was getting a Beta/Freebie Short Sale Mike. I suggest giving it to a select few. Ask for painfully honest feedback. Then sell it. I hope your effort pays off!

I am not sure what these guys are talking about but I seemed to get the calculator without having to buy it and with out any trouble at all.

I have not had the chance to put it to use yet but I did look at it and cannot wait to use it.



I visited the site again and poked around. Still found no means of pulling it down w/out purchasing it.

Actually looks like you are right. The link to download is has been replaced by a (beta complete) message.

I am suprised

  1. The beta lasted less than 2 weeks (maybe cause of the amount of downloads)
  2. Isnt there a way to delete a thread? (It should be done to prevent these things)


Apparently the test that Mike discussed has been completed. The program is no longer free.

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