Short Sale & Bankruptcy

I am working on a potential short sale and the seller received her notice of default back in May, filed for bankruptcy, and then recently received another notice.

Because she filed ch. 13, will this disrupt my ability to get clear title through a short sale? Should I proceed?

Did you ever get an answer to your question?

Not yet, no. Any thoughts on the situation? Thanks.

Not my forte, but I’d be willing to think out loud and maybe help you out by accident…lol. I’m hoping someone else might chime in with some feedback.
Chapter 13 is basically a 3-5 year reorganization plan administerd by a court-appointed trustee, right? I would think the trustee would have to bless off on anything. Are you in a Homestead state? If so, that might also muddy the waters… I’d sure like to hear more from you guys out there on this…