Sheriff's order destroys home

Sheriff’s order destroys home .
Don’t move your home on the cheap.
Know who you hire.
How do you cram 12 people into a single wide?

I feel for her but in reality who in their right mind would move a mobile home with furniture in it :rolleyes

"I know I wouldn't pay somebody $200 to move my house and everything in it," said Garrett, noting that the group didn't have a required permit or escort. Basically, he said, he could have arrested the lot of them: Barton, her brood and the hauler. The charge, he said: "being ignorant."

THAT’S HILARIOUS!!! Do you think their bad choices might be the reason that they will once again be renters?


Man that is funny!! I want a sheriff like that in Raleigh!

That was the first time I read the story in detail. That was funny and tragic at the same time. The funny part is obvious but its tragic they’'re able reproduce and “unofficially” adopt other kids. What does unofficially adopt mean?? This could be an episode of “Squidbillies”! :biggrin For those who who don’t know, squidbillies is a cartoon about hillbilly squids. It’s kind of a “Beverly Hillbilly Meets Family Guy” cartoon. It’s hilarius! Not meant for kids, but funny!