Shark Bait Software

I am setting up an office for a multi person real estate investment company, primarily investing in pre and post foreclosure properties.
I have done tons of research and have only run into “Shark Bait” as a useful program to intergrate real estate “projects” with real estate “prospects”. Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated.

Doesn’t anyone have a review for me?

I don’t even know what that means -

intergrate real estate “projects” with real estate “prospects”
. I certainly can’t understand why you would need to integrate prospects with actual projects. Are you doing SFHs and small rentals or $100 Million Dollar office buildings? Are you selling this software or do you work for someone that is selling this software?


“Shark Bait” is real estate pre-foreclosure software that I came across while looking at I thought that it looked like a good tool to intergrate marketing and project progress. As to the person that doesn’t understand what “intergrate means”, well I don’t know what to say. No I don’t work for “Shark Bait”. If I did then I guess I would already know if the software was good or wasn’t good.

someone else made a similar post in which i mentioned
REIGalaxy ( i don’t think sharkbait compares to their service in my opinion. depending on your area, you might obtain leads that are useful too you.

since you are thinking about using sharkbait, i imagine you already have leads that you want to load in. i personally don’t see sharkbait as being too useful.

… no i don’t work for the company


I guess I am having a hard time communicating. Shark Bait is not a service. It is a software program that that is geared for real estate investments. According to their web site the software downloads leads and enables the user to manipulate the information as needed to fulfill their owm marketing plan. In addition, again according to their web site, the software helps track the process of DD and other paperwork for any property that is being looked at by the investor.

This software might be great or might be horrible. I don’t know. That is why I am hoping that someone that has used the program would comment.

correct. sharkbait is downloadable software, reigalaxy is software as a service (SaaS) ie/ nothing to download.