Share Your Loss Mitigation Contacts!

Hello Fellow Investors!

My name is Julio Lee. I am starting out fresh as an investor and would like to extend an invitation to everyone towards helping a new guy out! I was wondering if anyone out there can post a list of LM Contacts that they have been succesfully doing business with. I understand how important it is to maintain a good working relationship with LM Reps so if you guys can refer some I would be in your debt. FYI … I will be working out of the NYC area so please feel free to ignore me if you feel threatened. THank YOU!

Julio Lee

OH! And to add to the post…

If there are any other investors working in the NYC area who would like to have an honest and driven person like me to work with I will definitely be interested in doing lunch! After serving for 3 years, I just recently separated from the military and I feel that if I can survive 15 months in Iraq, I can help negotiate a short sale for those motivated sellers who need it, without hesitation. Thank you again and take care!

-Julio Lee

I am not sure what you mean, but you will have to establish the relationship to whoever is assigned to your short sale - loss mitigators come and go and you will endup with differtent people all the time.

I am sorry, Julio, but I would never say that I am very honest person – I prefer when my clients and partners are saying so. Don’t take it personally, though. I meant that only working with someone will create a reputation of honesty and trust. Happy New Year and I wish you a great success in your field!

The idea of sharing contacts is good, but in reality everyone really needs to develop their own relationships. Wish you the best connecting with someone in the NYC area.


If you look back through the posts there is a list circulating out there.

I am sure if you keep networking you will find a investor to work with. Try…its a pretty cool networking website that syncs with outlook. You can look up investor groups in NYC and probably find someone there. You can also try the National Real Estate Investor Association website…

Good Luck