Shadowing someone on deals?

What would everyone here think of me doing something like an internship with an investor? Like shadowing then during closings, helping then with everyday finding of leads ect. just to learn the business in the real world as much as possible. I don’t no if an investor would consider it rude for me to ask to shadow them and I don’t want to come off the wrong way. Just putting it out there for some feedback! This forum is the most helpful thing on the planet and I cant wait to share my success stories with all of you, the ones on here are more then inspiring!

look on the street corners near your home. Guaranteed you will find “RE Investor seeks apprentice” etc.

You are basically free labor for them so be sure the person knows what they’re doing before you sign up to work for free. Anybody can pay a few bucks for some signs.

I had a guy come to my house to buy something I had on craigslist. He saw my RE books and struck up a conversation. Turns out he is an apprentice. He goes to school full time and works part time for this RE investor. His main job? Looking for leads and knocking on doors. Not a bad way to learn the ropes with some guidance. Not to mention the contacts he could make (who they hire for this and that)


I would join your local REIA (real estate investors association) and make friends with the SUCCESSFUL investors in your area. Your new friends will be happy to help you. That is a much more effective way to learn things than asking someone you don’t know if you can shadow them.

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And the problem with those “RE Investor Seeks Apprentice” signs is that most of them are a come-on to convince you to pay a lot of money for a questionable training program.


Topaz I would do what propertymanager said before approaching these signs. You really want to find people that are actually doing real estate successfully where you live. I don’t know what these apprentice people want. You want to find somebody that is making money doing real estate in your area and do what they are doing. I found mine at my local real estate investors club meeting.

you learn real estate by doing; it is not a passive activity. yes, you need some basic knowledge, but as suggested you need to be part of the process instead of just watching the process