setting up a website

okay, so if you go to or - by the time you get done with a shopping cart - you’re looking at spending over $340.00.

now, that’s not alot of money when it comes to being part of a business objective, but, what kind of site can you have using stuff like “website tonight” and the like. i mean really, there’s nothing to these sites at all. the good thing is you get a domain name and it’s registered - i would say that’s where you should start no?

then pay someone to actually design the site (or have them on your team). i almost did the whole thing through godaddy, i was thinking of doing like a screw around site. but even just a screw around site would cost someone over 150 bucks…kind of a waste of money for some crappy site - i think it would be better to spend $2000 on a kick ass site, then some five page, 10,000 mb piece of junk.


I can’t imagine spending $2,000 on a website. What is your website for is it business or personal. You can get someone from elance to create the site or go to the warrior forum and find someone. Is the site realestate related More details required

I actually think godaddy is not that bad. I have not set up a website as of yet (no need to), but they offer a good package for 350 bucks. I mean it looks good to someone like me anyway.

Wow, large numbers. I googled “website templates” got one for $15. Registered the domain at go daddy for ??$8.95. Hosting at hypermart is about $9.95 a month. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

When you say you got a website template - this is what? a program that you use to make your web pages?

Also, what about the registration of your site - is your name protected or like hidden from public domain. Like and places like that that show all the information of who started the site etc.

Template - layout, style and colors already chosen and in place. You simply type in, or copy /paste the text.

As for web privacy, I purchased the option of having my registration hidden when i bought the domain from godaddy.

I think it says something like domain registrar - their business proxy with an address in CA or whereever they are registered.

I’m sure if you visit the site, they can give you all of the specifics.

very good, thanks.

what is your site?

I got a domain registered and hosting at GoDaddy all for just $45/yr. I then got a free template and modified it for my specific needs. Of course it helps if you know HTML, PHP, etc. to begin with so you can save all the web publishing software $$$. :wink:

dude, the site is still under development, but in this case, it is unrelated to REI. You’ve given me a reason to get back to it. I’ll post the link when I finish it.

okay, so we’re almost up and running…actually far from it, but we registered our site and are in the process of uploading php…blah…blah…blah.

i have absolutely no idea how to use any of this stuff. thankfully, i have a prospective member of company who is going to manage the site…perhaps.

my goodness…i go to these real estate investment sites and they are B O R I N G.


i like the look of reiclub…it’s simplicity is very inviting…you go to these other sites and they are just either TOO filled with crap or they are just dead boring.

When registering your name with godaddy, for instance, be sure to include the privacy option. I thought I would save the $9.95, I belive it was, on some of the names I registered, and was overwhelmed by calls to sit up websites, transfer registrations, etc. It is worth the cost for the peace and quiet.