Setting up a website for my new business

I’m starting to do 7 day sales quick turn on houses. I do tons of marketing to make this work. #1. Marketing to find motivated sellers. #2 Marketing to get buyers. I want to get a website setup to reference. Something I can put on my ads, bandit signs, flyers etc. Something kind of fancy that looks professional but isn’t confusing or anything. I don’t know how to do it myself so I’ll need to hire the job out. My questions.

  1. Who can I use to do this? types of companies, etc.
  2. How much is this gonna run me on average?
  3. How long should this take to get up and running

I have done numerous websites and online businesses. Cost can range from about $500 to a couple thousand depending on what you want out of the site. It really depends on the components of the site and whant you want it to do. Same goes for the time period. It depends on the complexity of the project. A couple days to a couple weeks would be a good estimate.

I’d agree with amkkba, the price will vary depending on what you want out of it. My advice though would be to stay away from Flash-oriented sites. While they may look pretty, it’s a big turn-off to force people to watch your cool flash graphics before they can get what they want.

As for a resource, you might want to take a look at It’s a site where you can place projects and people will bid on it. Just make sure you find someone with a good rating or else you will probably end up getting what you paid for if you take someone with a very low bid.