Setting up a new REI business. Need your advice.

Hi everyone,
First I wanted to say how much I love this website. I absolutely find so much informative tips and advice on here. Everyone’s experience is greatly valued and I cannot wait to hear some tips and contribute some of my knowledge on here as well.

I am setting up a new real estate investing business. Planning on dealing with rehab properties in 3 counties where I live. Currently working with a wonderful Realtor who works with FannieMae and FreddieMac’s inventory. I have a couple residential properties already being rehabbed and I would like to get more. My goal is to flip around 12 houses per year.

I need some of your advice.

  1. I am looking for private or hard money investors. Where should I be looking for them? Willing to pay high returns due to the fact that I am a new business. Consistently holding a credit score of +720.

  2. Need to setup my Quickbooks account so I could run accurate numbers and charts. Need help setting up Chart of Accounts. If anyone has them, I would appreciate a list of them.

Thank you all in advance. Helping one another in this economy is a benefit for all of us. Please take this opportunity to provide any insight you may have.