Setting Goals

Does anyone do it and does anyone follow through?

i guess your question is very good one man. of course it is not as easy as i thought but after time setting goals became a second nature that i can not live without.
good luck

Yes, I set out goals for my business at the start of every year and I review them periodically throughout the year to see if I’m on track. My two big ones this year were to buy 4 properties (I’m only on track for 3) and to finally write my company’s business plan. whatever I dont accomplish this year I’ll just roll into next year…

Yes. I set a goal for 10 properties this year. I’m up to 9 with plenty of time left to get more. I had a thread on it called “what are your goals for 2009.”

92.Hi Michael nice to see you again. The link is not direct and can’t find any file called setting goals. Thanks.

[[[[…does anyone follow through?..]]]]

Yeah, when the economy doesn’t interfer. Right now it’s wrecking havoc on the 10 year plan.

One of the most influential books I have read is Goals by Brian Tracy. My life and career changed dramatically in only a year and I have never looked back. I have long term, medium and short term goals, write down what it will take to achieve those goals and have my daily to do list.

If I could only give people one piece of advice, it would be to write down their goals, what it will take to achieve them and start doing those tasks every single day!

I heard about an Ivy league study, can’t remember which school. The results showed that there was a tremendous correlation between the most successful graduates and the fact that they right down goals daily.

I had a decent discussion with another investor about goal setting on my blog (which is linked in my signature). It’s not long but I think could be helpful. Look for the post ‘Question: Can you Over Do Goal Setting?’