services to create flyers for cheap?

i’d like to get some flyers printed. do you guys have any recommendations of some services which can do this for cheap? i’ll make the design myself so that part isn’t a big deal.


Go to staples. Sign up for the rewards program, you get 20% back on all printing.

I always use my mortgage persons copier but a couple of things you might consider.

I dont know how you intend on delivery but I pay neighborhood kids 7 cents a flyer to put them on doors rather than mailing them. Many people open their mail by the garbage so many time mailings havent been effective for me, plus its more expensive. If a letter is on the door at least they have the space between the door and the garbage to look at my letter.

I have also teamed up with local pizza places and put their coupons on my flyer. They pay for delivery and I pay for printing. Having a coupon on your flyer also increases your chance that your flyer will be read.

just a few tips that have helped me,

Eric Medemar

wow eric, that’s thinking outside the box :wink:

thanks for your input…this might be wroth pursuing.


I know of a couple good places for flyers that I have used. You can PM if you want more information because I don’t people to think I’m spamming.