Hello all. I am new to REI but not so new that I don’t know when I’m being taken for a ride (so-to-speak). I was looking for a HML on the site and found that not to many lend in my state (KS), so I went to the classifieds on the site to see what was out there. Now I found out that you can get loans for cheap, provided you wire them 1k-1.5k for some sort of lawyers commission or other. Now I know that I can find someone in the states that can do this. (By the way this was overseas). Are they legit? or just scammers.

  1. most are not any thing but scammers as you should be able to find funds here !! AND ones that can roll most of your fees in to the loan it self for biger intrest rate

There are lenders that do HML nationwide. I know there are a couple on this site, and I know of a few others as well.

No point in going overseas. Kansas is a pretty easy state to lend in.

4R is right there are plenty of HML’s that operate nationwide. You just need to do a little more research.

Now I know that I can find someone in the states that can do this.
There are several listed in the Hard Money lender's Link.

Just because they are listed on this site does NOT mean that they are approved. Always do your homework/research.

If it sounds to good to be true…


Thanks TR and 4r. I had a feeling that this was really not a good thing to do. So I have been playing along with him, somewhat. I told him that if does what he said he will do (yeah right) I will be more than willing to take the loan, but I will not send you any money upfront and any fees that you may have will be taken out of the loan. Haven’t heard back from him since. I will keep you up to date on this, if it presents itself. Thanks and pleasant investing. 8)