I have a serious question ? The engine in my car recently blew up and i have no transportation. i have bad credit and no money. are there people out there that do loans for cars?? i can pay it back month by month. i just need to attainE a car that gets good gas milage.


If you are desperate and have really bad credit–you could try one of those places that only require that you have a job and they will sell you a car. You will pay very high interest though. Check your local paper for those types of places. If you live in or near a large city, there should be plenty of them! THe only other option I can see is to get a co-signer. If your credit is that bad, any regular financer will require a down payment. How much would depend on how bad it is. You could always contact 1 traditional credit company (through a dealer would probably be best under the circumstances) and have them put an app through to see how much would be required. Pick out a car first though-and pick out the least expensive one for him to check for you. Good luck!

hey Renae
thanks for the reply. see, my only job is bird doging. i dont have any other income. ill figure something out. thanks again


Geeze, If you can fog a mirror with your breath-you can get car loan. Just watch out for high rates and immediate belly-up on the note