Serious Investors

I wont beat around the bush. I want to gauge the level of serious investors that visit this site.

How comical. Okay, I’ll bite. What exactly are you trying to get out of this? What exactly are you looking for when you say “serious?”

Hey, there are a few people on here that are VERY serious. Couldn’t take a joke if it jumped into their pocket on it’s own. Others tend to be a little less serious, much more light natured.

What’s ‘BIG’ profits to you? What you think is big, someone else may think it’s small, or could be the other way around.

And beating around the bush is good sometimes. Gets rid of all the critters!


i am getting more serious everyday…with a little bit of :banghead

I agree… all of these forums seem to be filled with newbies talking to newbies… where are the experienced Investors?

Im serious, but just not legally able to buy anything due to age. :bobble

I consider myself a fairly “involved” investor. I do about 6 rehabs and resales per year and have some multi family long term holds with my brother. Started 10 year ago with long term holds and been doing rehabs for 2 years.

What is the point of this thread? Are you selling something? Are you trying to drum up business?

You’ll never find any investor who doesn’t think he is really serious, whether he owns 6 high rise buildings or he owns nothing but dreams.

In all my years, I have never heard anybody say they are just goofing around and just pretending that they want to be a sucess.

Nobody has ever said to me that they aren’t really interested, but could I just tell them how to buy real estate because they are in the mood to waste my time. No, they are all very sincere about being serious.

Asking investors if they are serious investors is like asking applicants for an apartment if they are good tenants. You’re only going to get one answer.

IMHO i "serious"ly believe that if you have no tolerance for
newbies you are on the wrong board & perhaps would be
happier on a board of experts. Too bad we can’t be experts by taking a course or two. i guess some people are just automatic RE experts & never asked a question in their life,especially as a “newbie”. :shocked


That’s what ctheory is searching for, Harriet: the board of experts. That’s the entire purpose of the original question.

I don’t have any suggestion for that. As far as I can tell, the experts can’t get together without the beginners finding them and flocking over to the new site to hang out and ask their beginner questions of the experienced investors.

If there is a board for experts only, where there are no beginners, it is going to be by invitation only.

A high percentage of the posters here are “serious investors” or have been. It should be fairly apparent to anyone that reads the forums to any extent who is experienced and who is not.


it seems to me that “serious” in this case is equated with successful,
you need to be serious quite awhile before you become successful.
any investor who becomes a success & isn’t willing to give help to newbies through the forums, i don’t need because they are not givers, only takers. i still feel they need to be in their own exclusive club & structure & restrict the rules to exclude themselves from the real world.

Im a noob :frowning:

I second that!! I’m pretty sure every investor got help from another investor on their way “up the ranks”. It’s only right to give back from where you came from. Besides, the one you help may end up helping you in the future. You never know. And true success cna only be acheived if you give back. You can’t always take and not give…that goes against the balance of the universe. Think about it like a boat. If a boat takes on water and never lets any, off what happens??? It sinks. So to that I say if you’re into REI on any level consider yourself serious…0 deals or 100 deals. It’s all about your passion and where you’re pushing yourself to get to.

Hi there,…Havent been here in quite sometime, finally got done asking q’s and just went and did some stuff

As far as there being serious investors on this forum there definately are. If you need help understanding something look it up in past posts and read all the tons of articles available, if you dont find the answer then ask. The “serious” ones will help as they did with me almost 2 years ago. The problem with these forums is a bunch of people get a wild hair up their A** and say hey I think I’ll become an investor today!!!

Then they come here expecting those who have spent their time learning
the business to just say you need to do this and this and this every time someone new comes along.

So do your learning and research and ask for help when you need it. Like I said I havent been here in quite sometime but I do remember the moderators and quite a few regulars as being very knowledge and helpful—if youre willing to help yourself also.

Best of luck to all you newbies!! :smiley: