Serial Sellers

Are we among any others who buy, live in for 2 years/fix up and then sell/rent and start the whole process over? We have 2 dogs and 1 cat and no children. So it is easy for us to pick up and move, so long as we are close to work…
Anyone else out there doing this? So far we have made $156K net…and we only have done 1 deal so far…


If this strategy is working for you, then keep it going.
But let me ask you, if you are doing this on a regular basis, why not put the house under a favourable lease-option contract, and then simply sell the option (instead of carrying with all inherent expenses)?


Are we assuming here that you are in the property 2 years for the primary residence tax exemption ?

That’s 78 k /yr tax free!

Why don’t you flip 1 property each year at 156k and pay the taxes?

The 156k is a nice profit but is it the norm and can you continue at that pace?

Well, right now the home we live in is selling for (484000-524000
Comps) In April, we are free to move or rent it out. We currently own 297K on it…Who knows where the market is heading…it may be wise to sell sooner…We bought it for 399K last April…

We were thinking of moving to a condo/townhome for two years, and then renting it out, and moving to another condo…
This home is alot of work for us, this is our second time homebuying, and we want less work, the yard here is big, and there is a pool/spa. Too much work!