Septic, costs and tenants

I’m looking at a house (short sale from MLS) that’s on septic system. Assuming that the septic inspector ok’ed the system, would it still be cost effective as a rental? I mean in terms of annual upkeep costs, pump fees, etc. Also, do tenants mess these up a lot by flushing the wrong things down the toilet, etc? I’m wondering if it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Most of my places are on septic, because I like to get as much land with a house as I can get. I also don’t like to own inside the city limits.

I haven’t had much septic trouble. But my tenants are people who prefer to live on a larger lot and outside the city limits, so they have experience with living on a septic tank.

I get them pumped and inspected every 5-6 years and it costs a couple hundred dollars. I’ve had one diverter box replaced, about $100, and had to add a line to one leach field, which cost me about $800.

Septics only work well in areas with good soil drainage and no high water table.

Thanks. This one is in the city. That whole block seems to have septic (not sure why). It’s not a large yard or land plot.

I’ll look into the water table. I know the water table is high in many part of Florida, but I’ve heard that septic systems are common as well.

One of my rentals is on a septic. They don’t bother me but it’s one extra thing to maintain. You need to inform tenants about how septic systems work and about use of feminine products and harsh detergents. You also have the risk of not finding out about a running toilet or leaking faucet and having something back up.