How has everyone dealt with properties that have septic/aerator systems? Do you back charge tenants, for septic pumping, who cause problems such as flushing feminine products etc.? Does anyone have any tips for preventing problems? thanks

I had one on a house I lived in myself and I never had any trouble with it. However, I am not a tenant.

I’d just as soon not have one in a rental. Is there something else you could buy instead that doesn’t have a pump for the system?

I haven’t had too many problems with the regular septic tanks, but I am renting houses to better quality tenants who seem to be able to understand basic rules (touch wood).

I pay for routine tank pumping. If I had to pump a tank because of something the tenant did, I would sure as shootin’ charge the tenant for it. But unless the tank was pumped just as the tenant moved in, it would be impossible to prove who did the damage.