How do you handle the seperation of a married couple regarding a remaining lease? The wife wants to stay is on section 8 and is a good tenant I’d like to keep. Not sure how to terminate the original lease and do I have to work with the local housing authority before, during, or after?



Their separation is none of your problem.

She gets him out if she can, and you leave him on the lease so that he is still liable for damages and rent.

At the end of the lease period, you would rewrite the lease with only her on it.

The only way I would rewrite the lease sooner would be if Section 8 required it.

You can not take him off th lease without his written permission.

Thanks for the response.

This is sexist and probably illegal to act on, but I found that women that are newly divorced are new creatures. Their behavior can’t be predicted by their past lives. You have no idea if they will pay their bills or take care of things or even if she will be one of these kinds of mothers that will leave unattended kids at home to set the house on fire while she goes out. So I usually find a reason to not rent to a newly divorced women.