Sent out my first yellow letter campaign ever!

I sent out the first of 3 yellow letters yesterday! I targeted out of state absentee owners who have owned their property for ten years or more. I will mail to them once a week for three weeks.

I’ll keep you updated on what kind of response I get.

It feels good to finally take some action :biggrin


Congrats. How do you get a list of of the owners and houses? I would like to get some leads but other than my website, newspapers, and Craigslist I’m not sure how to get them. Thanks.

I have my license so I have access to the tax records online and can create my own custom searches and lists.

Congrats It’s always better to do something as opposed to nothing
what about response rate 1-2%

That’s awesome! I’ve been using a company for my yellow letter which is AWESOME, but apparently I can’t give any company names on this forum as it’s against the rules…

Anyways, these guys have “the ultimate yellow letter”

If you’re interested in the company, shoot me a message and I can forward it along to you :slight_smile:

Happy Investing -