senior housing / ALF

how come there is not much on here in regards to assisted living facilities? Withe the aging population, you would think more people would be turning to these instead of multi unit rentals. I know you need licensed care providers, but even paying them a nice salary, for 10-20 beds the NOI can be six figures. What is the best route to take in analyzing these deals and subsequently buying these?

Nobody on here buys senior housing?

ALF facilities are very attractive, and there are very attractive finance programs that can be found to finance them. However, it doesn’t seem as if anyone on this forum is too interested.

Kind of perplexing…no? I mean they cashflow phenomenal. I’m about to purchase a minority ownership in one that will cashflow almost 6 figures annually, while building 3/4 million equity at the same time (for my measly 10% ownership at that!)