Sending sellers to board? - Feedback, please

So far it hasn’t worked very well, but I’ve given this url to about 5 or 6 sellers over the last week or so.

Since I’ve been very picky on what I want to keep for the last year, I have passed leads on to other investors for the referral fee if I knew it fit their buying criteria. If I knew that it wouldn’t work, I’d give the seller general information on what I thought they should do and let them go.

I decided I’d try sending the sellers here since there may be other investors out there willing to buy their property and I certainly don’t know everyone’s criteria. If the seller is calling investors, this should certainly be a good place to get their info in front of Austin area investors.

I’d like feedback on this, please. I doubt many sellers will stumble upon this site on their own, but I’m sure some will eventually.

Will promoting this site to sellers dampen free discussion?
Will promoting this site to sellers increase the lead generation forum?

One of my goals for this site is to have it be a standard outlet for marketing all types of investment properties for sale. It’s a free marketing resource.

Please post comments about directing sellers here and ideas on how to increase the number of properties advertised here. Of the last five investor leads I’ve received by phone or email, only one has actually taken the time to register and post the details here (Thanks, Candice). Thanks.

I think its a very good idea to direct sellers to this site. But may be with a different newsgroup. My suggestion would be to have one newsgroup for the newbies like me. Learning and exchanging ideas should be the promoted in this of newsgroup. Somewhat like Main Newsgroup in

Then the other should be a newsgroup for marketing where networking/ solicitation or similar activities can be promoted. Sellers could post advertisements here. This will be beneficial for people who are experienced in RE Investment business and also sellers who want a quick sale. Something like with additional features.

I have this feeling this would bring experienced people to this site in search of newer deals and possibly networking. Also would bring people like me (newbies) in search of knowledge.

In short we have a platform with diverse interest. People can satisfy their needs and also help others. So we all get what we all want. As they say WIN-WIN situation.

Just my 2 cents.

My vote would be to create a sister site. One that THIS SITE links to. But the OTHER SITE would not link to this one.

I think that each site should focus on a very specific target user. And why risk losing a potential lead because a seller comes here and gets confused?

You know how easily people get confused, right?

Wait a minute… where am I? Who am I? :slight_smile:

After reading your post, I’ve decided to just scratch the idea. I had mixed emotions to begin with, which is why I made my post.

Most of the sellers that I’d be sending would be useless anyway, so it’s really a wasted effort. If it’s a deal per my criteria, I’ll take it. If it’s too thin for me, but close, I know others who would be happy to get it.

Thanks to all for the feedback…