sending out letters for small multifamily properties

hi, ive read some posts from this website and decided to send out yellow letters to small multifamily preforeclosers and out of state multifamily owners with 10+ years owned. i already got the list (around 300) and wrote few sample letters i am going to send out, but have some more questions to experts.

  1. it seems like most of the direct mail strategies are for the SFR, and is it going to be same for the 2-10 unit multifamily properties? (same letter contents?)

  2. i am going to write their name and address on the envelope by hand , but do i have to do that in the letter as well to increase success or it doesnt matter? (i am going to use handwriting fonts to write letters, and put something like Dear multifamily property owner… i am looking for multifamily property in orange county…)

  3. i seems it is important to send letters consistently, but to maximize results, do i send out same type of letters or change to something else (post cards, business letter etc…) every week? if so, how many times and which days to send out?