Senate Banking Committe Session!

I’m watching Paulsone & others getting grilled!! tHESE GUYS ARE STAMMERING AND STUMBLING FOR ANSWERS!! They want to use federal money to bail out Freddie & Fannie. But when the senators asks why they need federal money when they’re already backed by the govt… They were like Ralph Cramden in the honeymooners… " huminah huminah huminah!! uhh… ahh… well…" It’s pretty comical. These are the people in CHARGE!!!

Yea, the funniest part of it is watching our MORON Senators asking questions.

Those hypocrites couldn’t manage a 10 year old kids weekly allowance.

Who cut the mortgage brokers loose with deregulation?
Who passed laws to allow those poor CREDIT CARD COMPANIES to use universal default on customers. (nice little law that says if your late on even a utility bill credit card companies can consider you in default and charge you 25% interest) ???
Who listen while Greenspan said in 2004 “New ARM mortgage products may prove benifical to home buyers”?

Now these sh*theads are acting like their out to save the tax payer!!

Hey, want to help us all out???
Go back to being PART TIME Goverment politicans with minimal salaries and NO HEALTH CARE for free, no free day care, no pensions and all the other BS this country can’t afford anymore. DO THAT…and I’ll listen to anything you have to say. Until then…PLEASE…don’t BS me!!!

Excellent point FDJAKE!!