Hello All,
I’m looking for a good seminar on RE. I’ve been to some good ones and a lot of dog & pony shows meaning…no meat just trying to sell something.
I want a great seminar from people that buy and sell.
Any ideas?
Great $uccess,

I’ve heard that John Schaub’s seminars give a lot of “meat” although I haven’t yet attended one myself, he’s on my list.

  • Adam.

Hey Dee!
Have you ever heard of Michael Carbonare? He deals in Lease Purchase agreements. He has some great hands on stuff to get out there and get some deals done. I was able to go from being completely new to rei to doing deals with a lease purchase agreement almost immediately.
Email me and i will give more info!

I have heard that Graystone Mortgage in San Antonio provides an excellent 2 day seminar on flipping homes without qualifying for a loan.

Send me your number and we can talk about RE courses that I have used to help me learn the ins and outs of RE investing.