Selling Your Houses...How Do You Do It?

When selling your deals (whether retail, wholesale, on terms, for cash, etc) what is your standard operating procedure?

For wholesale & terms deals I do the following:

  • Email the deal out to my buyers list
  • Post on Craigslist
  • Make a Vflyer or Postlet
  • Blast on Sellpoint
  • Post the deal on my website, where online buyers land after opting into my squeeze page
  • Handwritten bandit signs (“cheap house, cash only” for wholesales and “rent to own, seller financing” for terms deals)

For all-cash retail deals I will usually do all the above plus list on the MLS using a flat-fee service and maybe even a “round robin” auction if the deal is worth it.

What are you doing to sell your houses?

Good list - we do most of what you are doing Archie - but the one thing we do in addition to what you are doing is to mail to recent cash buyers in the area as soon as we get a contract.

Just like on the buy side, signs and mail are the best ways we have found to find buyers that actually buy.

That’s a great idea. You may recall we were discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of Open Road platform a few weeks ago. I’ll say the leadpipe feature is definitely one of the strong points of Open Road, although I still don’t know if the whole thing is worth what it costs. They pull cash buyers from public records and send them to your account automatically every month. I did a postcard mailing to a few hundred of those cash buyers to build up my buyers list last summer. I think I’ll start mailing them when I get wholesale contracts as well.

I agree Archie - that was one of the things I really liked about Realeflow/Open Road - it was very handy. But yeah I didn’t think that feature by itself made what was essentially an online database worth $100/month.

good luck with the buyer postcards