Selling w/owner carry

If I buy a house with a 30 yr fixed, how can I sell with owner carry? Or do a lease to own. I assume once I sell my loan is due, but of course I won’t have the cash to pay off. I would be owning the house for a year or less. I’m thinking in the current market selling with a “no credit, no problem” marketing hook and carrying the loan myself if I can might be the quickest way to unload.



There are a few things you can do one of them is this sell it on a AITD
The other is do a wrap mortgage >>>> and find some one who will buy the paper

But with all the paper out there that is badthis may be a hard find

I would say do a owner carry with a large down of about 20 % as well you keep and hold a small 2 nd for cash flow to you

And find a buyer for your 1 st that would be a owner carry
However be ready to take a big cut on your cash out based on your buyers credit

You can do a wrap mortgage or a lease option on this and not sell the note. You will want to set it up correctly to protect yourself from the underlying loan being called due. Be sure to get plenty of money down (especially if you are actually giving your buyer title) and charge a high enough interest rate to cover your monthly payment and hopefully have some monthly cash flow.

This is a great strategy with the discounts we can get on property right now.